Celebrating Womanhood, Classes

Harness the feminine power through movement

Celebrating womanhood through dance is proving very interesting and fruitful not just for me but for the students of BDDS too.  Last night we explored the topic of how to harness the feminine power through movement.  What is it about a women who walks into a room and without saying a word and captures the attention of everyone.  Some call it the x factor we like to call it accessing your true nature as a woman and this is your own x factor.  How many heads have you turned today?  What could you learn through dancing that would help you harness this power in your everyday life?

One of the aspects of the feminine is to attract,  it’s her desirability.  How desirable do you feel as a woman?  And how do you move your body to express this?  Is it something that you are able to communicate in your everyday life through how you move and interact with yourself, your environment and others?

Lastly, how much love and care do you put into your own life or is it all focused on others?  Have your life and dreams become swallowed up in other things, other people? Where’s your life as a woman in all this and how do you make the time and space to live it?

Share your thoughts with me and watch this space for more news on how the BDDS women are celebrating womanhood through dance.


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