Nirapa School of Dance combines the knowledge of dance and movement with the intuitive knowing of the Soul.  We celebrate womanhood and the Divine Feminine within.  Nirapa is pronounced Neer-apa and it means movement of the Divine. 

The school is owned by Catherine who is a Master Teacher and Performer of Oriental Dance with a background that includes  Montessori, BodyTalk, Therapy, Health and Natural Healing.  

Over the last 13 years she has developed this ancient art it into a form of healing and therapy for women that guides them to connect inward, to the core of their feminine being –  their heart and soul – where they find rejuvenation and a renewed sense of life.  It’s a dance form that in it’s very nature takes you back to the origins of your feminine being – the Divine Feminine.  

The school incorporates unique elements into its programs and these are;

– Meditation / Visualization
– Soul Sensation Session
– Women’s Wisdom Circle
– Combination of oriental dance, free expressive dance & movement and improvisation

In the Woman’s Wisdom Circle women of all ages gather to connect in love to share and receive through dialogue, movement and ceremony.  This concept was founded as a way to re-unite women across cultures, races and other divides to bring awareness to our common connection and belonging to womanhood. Too often women rival one another instead of uniting as a powerful force of love and change.

A Soul Sensation Session is a two hour facilitated open dance floor session that takes you deep into the experience of dancing from your Soul.  It’s an opportunity to dance deep beyond the control of the mind and the ego and is a very healing experience.  It combines the knowledge of dance movements with the intuitive knowing of the soul, like a living moving prayer in honour of life.

Below is a brief overview of the services offered by the school.  To see more details on these visit the Services section of the Facebook Page at http://www.facebook.com/nirapaschoolofdance or our website http://www.nirapa.com

-Soul Sense Day of Dance (held once a month)
-Oriental Dance Workshop -With Meditation (held once a month)
-Soul Sensation Session (held once a month)
-Women’s Wisdom Circle (held once a month)
-Retreats (held annually)
-Private or Semi-Private Sessions (by appointment)

We welcome women of all ages with or without dance experience. This dance is ancient and is already within the spirit of all women, it is only a case of remembering how to do it and teaching the body how to move. We encourage improvisation and free expressive movement and developing a style of dance that is your own and not one that mimics another.  

Dancing is something that the spirit does, the body merely follows.  

Forget your uncertainties, remember your possibilities and come dance with us!

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